Joey Nichols

Hello, I’m Joey Nichols. I’m not a poly-sci graduate or anything but I’m sick and tired of everyday Americans being ignored. I run a blog called The Political Joe. Visit the blog here.

I work in IT, have a beautiful wife and 2 rambunctious kids; and by all accounts, I’m just an ‘Average Joe’ from South Carolina. My passion for politics has led me here and I aim to shed some light on the areas being ignored. Also, these are issues that need to be discussed.

I highly encourage civil discourse whenever possible. How can we expect our representatives to pursue our ideals when we can’t even talk about them amongst each other? I will gladly engage in conversation on almost any topic.

I, like you, am just an average American with a wonderful family. But I’m tired of both political sides skirting around the issues that truly matter most. Issues like healthcare reform, the war on drugs, the military-industrial complex, corporate ownership of politicians, wealth inequality, etc.

You can follow Joey on Twitter here.