Peru’s Presidential Election in Historical Context: “Markets Versus Marxism”

The U.S. has a long history of interfering in Latin America when their leaders view from U.S. interests. Will Peru’s new president be deemed ‘acceptable?’

Good Intentions, Bad Results: Biden Administration Veers HARD in Wrong Direction on Censorship and Free Speech

In an attempt to combat COVID-19 disinformation, the Biden administration is harming free speech and social media censorship.

Defending the Free Speech of Attention-Whore Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes is straight-up just a bad person. His racist comments could potentially break free speech and increase calls for censorship.

Police Debate Shifts: Eric Adams, Al Sharpton, and the Killing of Hunter Brittain

Eric Adams’ win in NYC and the Al Sharpton’s presence for Hunter Brittain in Arkansas signals a change in Democrats’ approach to police reform.

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