Dillon Duffield

Criminal Justice Student

I’m a Criminal Justice major at UNC, about to round out my senior year.  Despite that, I have become disenfranchised with the subject and will be enlisting in the U.S. Air Force after graduation.  I’m a degenerate cis white male who has a love for history (especially about war) and am currently learning German and Russian.  I typically enjoy working out, reading, listening to music, playing video games, singing, or writing on any given day.  I would consider myself a Protestant bordering on agnosticism because there are too many questions that the Bible cannot answer for me.

As for my beliefs, I lean more towards nationalism in many cases.  I voted Independent in the 2020 election and have had a strong distrust for the GOP even before then.  I base a lot of my political views and talking points on historical precedent, adhering to the phrase “If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it”.  Some of my most passionate topics would include corruption, immigration, nationalism, free speech, and ethical concerns (i.e., death penalty, assisted suicide, etc.).  Philosophy wise I am a Stoic: I believe that one ought to do their job right and face whatever consequences come their way, regardless if the job is done right or not.  

I’m also interested in world politics, particularly what happens on the European continent.  Currently I am watching Germany’s electoral processes unfold and hoping that AfD will gain more seats in the Bundestag.

hobbies and interests
  • Working out
  • Video games
  • Singing
  • Writing
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