Audrey Parmentier

Music Education Student

Audrey is currently a junior at University of Northern Colorado studying Music Education.  She got into music after her parents introduced her to the French horn when she was 8 years old.  From then on, she became very interested in the world of making music.  Although she was homeschooled, she still found ways to be involved in music in middle and high school, joining a homeschool band at age 13 and attending many honor bands in high school, including all-state band and orchestra.  She entered college as a double major in music performance and education, but later dropped the performance major because of the impact covid-19 had on performance opportunities.

Audrey grew up in a conservative, Christian household, and her faith has been a large part of her life both growing up and in college, specifically in the past year.  She recognizes the important values that Christianity is built on, such as loving others and spreading the same joy to other people that she has experienced through her own faith.  She has attended mission trips and other events through her campus ministry, Chi Alpha.

Audrey is currently registered as unaffiliated, as she doesn’t believe that her views line up in a single particular affiliation.  With that being said, a few of her views tend to lean more right, such as those addressing abortion and gun rights, while others social issues, such as equal opportunity and pay, tend to lean more to the left.  She always tries to approach all political issues with an open mind and formulates her own opinion based on the information that she is given.  She is attempting to educate herself more with politics and spends much of her time making connections between certain issues and her faith.  She believes that politics should attempt to provide equal opportunities for all citizens regardless of race, gender, or class, while still working to maintain a healthy economy that is beneficial for the good of the country.  Additionally, she believes that by having the right mindset, it is possible to achieve both of these things by simply working hard and respecting others. 

Hobbies and interests
  • Reading
  • French Horn
  • Hiking
  • Exercising
  • Baking
  • Photography
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