Halaki Gionet

Student in Finance

Halaki Gionet is a student studying Finance. She is Christian, and her views have changed frequently during her early adult life due to her studies of tax structures, financial markets and institutions, and the practical effects of theory-based policy on businesses and consequently the commoner.

Her Christian values of helping those who are poor, vulnerable, and oppressed at an institutional level paired with her knowledge of finance, accounting, and economics make it difficult for her to completely align herself with one end of the political spectrum.

Recently she faces the harsh narrative that you can either support socially just causes or sustainable economic policy. She doesn’t doubt that a lot of people, especially an emerging Generation Z moving into adulthood feel a similar sentiment.

She would like to challenge that harsh line and consider options that achieve one side’s goals without a detrimental cost to the other. This starts by asking the question “if my achieving my goals means causing some form of real harm or damage to another person, is it ethical to continue to pursue those goals or would the right thing to do be to forfeit that ground and move on to something else?” This theme will be explored in her writing as it she has been personally wrestling with it.

Through learning about financial and economic structures she hopes to bring innovative models back to the community she grew up in to help build financial stability and independence with the goal of minimizing risk and dependency on economic factors that the local Hawaiian community has no control over.

Some of Halaki’s political inspirations and role models are Hawaiian Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop and Mervyn King, an economist and former governor of the Bank of the England.

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