Wake Him Up When September Ends: Biden’s Bad Month

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By Quentin Choy

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog, as I’ve been in go-go-go mode since college has started in full swing.

While several news stories have happened in the last few days, I think they all point in a similar direction – this September is Joe Biden’s toughest month so far as president.

Some on the right have tried to paint a picture of Biden being a modern Jimmy Carter, attempting to tie him to rising prices and to decent character but weak leadership. He has also been compared to Gerald Ford, following his ending of the Afghanistan War.

His lowest poll released by YouGov has the president at a 39% approval rating and a 50% disapproval rating. This is Biden’s first approval rating below 40%.

However, the President’s current approval rating is about 45%, although his approval ratings have certainly fallen.

Following the turbulent Trump presidency, many voters including myself elected Joe Biden hoping that we would see a return to normalcy in terms of our politics, international affairs, and most importantly in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although Biden and governors attempted to get all Americans vaccinated, the Delta variant is spreading rapidly throughout the United States and the world.

Some of the Delta variant’s contagion could have been reduced had the Biden administration and other western countries worked to suspend vaccine patents in an effort to vaccinate the world rather than just wealthy nations.

According to the same poll, 41% of Americans strongly disapproved of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan while those who strongly or somewhat approved added up to only 33% of respondents.

Higher prices at the pump and at the supermarket have been attributed to Biden. Whether or not he is to blame, his approval in people’s minds is affected.

With the spread of the Delta variant and looming COVID-19 restrictions on the rise, many Americans are now wondering if Biden has a handle on the pandemic, which was one of his main campaign goals.

The administration’s failure to form serious legislation regarding climate change despite the wildfires, flooding, and hurricanes of the summer have disappointed Biden’s left flank and youth voters.

The 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election look dark for Democrats.

With an ascendant Donald Trump likely to run again in 2024, Democrats need to do something to salvage their political legitimacy.

Biden and Congressional Democrats must push their infrastructure bills as soon as possible and not water them down any further.

Why would Democrats be elected if all they will do is continuously compromise when they finally obtain power?

If the infrastructure deal fails to pass, helping millions of Americans, voters will have very little to look back on in terms of what Biden and Democrats have delivered to them.

The $1,400 checks were an instant benefit to Americans, but unless Biden can pass the infrastructure deal or some other kind of legendary legislation that actually helps Americans, his legacy will simply be Afghanistan, $1,400 checks, and begging Americans to get vaccinated.

Right now, it seems like he’s simply floating around among the world rather than leading it, and Americans feel like they are continuing to float toward a darker future.

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  1. I think Biden’s left flank and the youth voters will be guaranteed a darker future if they don’t stick by him as he tries at least to do what’s right by them in the face of Kevin McCarthy’s lies and Moscow Mitch’s filibuster. Only more seats for the Democrats at the half term will give him a chance of passing important bills when DINO’s like Manchin and Synema systematically try to disassemble the Party.

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