The Heat is Back on Governor Andrew Cuomo

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By Quentin Choy

Following several months of silence on the issue, I started to wonder about what was happening with the sexual assault allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Democratic governor is back in the News as he now faces a criminal investigation by the New York attorney general for violating state and federal laws regarding sexual harassment.

Multiple women and staffers of Cuomo have reported unwanted and inappropriate behavior as well as sexual harassment.

Cuomo is accused of sexually harassing at least 11 women.

President Joe Biden himself, the leader of the Democratic Party, stated that he thinks Cuomo should resign over the allegations.

Democratic senators from the New York delegation Kirsten Gillibrand and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have also called for Cuomo’s resignation.

Senators Gillibrand and Schumer.

While issues surrounding Cuomo’s handling of COVID-19 in New York nursing homes damaged his career, the sexual harassment allegations are what really did him in.

Just last year, Cuomo was an icon of the Democratic Party and was a symbol of competent leadership in his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Democrat, said that Cuomo threatened to “destroy him” if he made attempts to reveal what actually happened in New York nursing homes and tying Cuomo’s decisions into it. 

However, with his failed coronavirus handling in nursing homes and sexual harassment allegations coming to light, Cuomo may have been the worst governor for Democrats to cheer over.

I hope Cuomo resigns and faces legal punishments for the deaths in the nursing homes and cover-up of New York COVID-19 deaths.

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  1. Until the past year, I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Cuomo, but no longer. The arrogance of the man to think that because he is the governor, because he holds the reins of power, he can do as he pleases with women’s bodies is beyond disgusting. I do hope he resigns, but I can easily envision him holding on until forced out.

    1. Jill,

      I feel the same way! It was particularly bad that he went on his brother’s news show and wasn’t questioned, even a little bit. I’ve seen some things about impeachment of Cuomo in New York, but I’ll have to keep reading.


      1. Yes, I feel empathy for Chris Cuomo, for he is between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, there’s family loyalty, and he and Andrew have always been close, from what I understand. But on the other hand, he has an obligation to his viewers and to CNN. It’s a spot I wouldn’t want to be in.

      2. Jill,

        Definitely a tough spot to be in. I’m working on another timeline piece right now which I think you’ll enjoy! Just a few more hours…and cups of coffee!


      3. I saw your piece tonight, read it, liked it, and commented! I may email you tomorrow with some insight about your other ‘commenter’ on that post. Just remember, don’t take any negative comments to heart, don’t think they are a reflection on you in any way. You are doing some excellent work … I wish I could re-blog it all! Cups of coffee … or of wine … either one works well for me! 😉 So, are you back in Colorado now? When do classes resume? Take care, my friend!

      4. Jill,

        Sorry for the late response! I got pretty busy. Yes, I’m back in Colorado and getting ready for school. My financial aid may not come through due to FAFSA verification (pure hell! Ask any college aged student you know, especially if they are the first in their family to go.)

        I may end up just working full-time this semester, which isn’t the worst thing. Some detours in life take you to better places in the long-run!


  2. Quentinius, why is it powerful men think they can get away with repeated sexual assault and misconduct with impunity? My wife and I watched the powerful series by Ronan Farrow called “Catch and Kill” about how he and others broke the Harvey Weinstein story. What is equally troublesome about the decades of sexual assault to control people by Weinstein is the enablers (including women), who helped him cover it up.

    Weinstein, Cuomo, Cosby, Trump, Clinton, Gingrich, Nassar, Spitzer, Weiner, Rose, O’Reilly, Ailes, etc. all took advantage of their powerful positions to use women, often against the victim’s will or with begrudging consent. They feel they could get away with it because they did for so long.

    To me, when the incumbent defames the position he holds (and it usually is a he), the governing body must take action per its rules. It matters not what political party someone belongs to. Keith

    1. Keith,

      There’s something troubling about how many names you’ve listed so easily. I agree wholeheartedly that accountability regarding sexual assault and harassment should be employed, no matter how powerful or political someone may be.


  3. Whatever the outcome, all of these allegations have to be dealt with properly and openly. If found to be true then the appropriate punishment for someone who had abused his position and/or committed crimes must be given to restore public faith in the system.

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