Sights and Wonders #5: The Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa, California

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By Quentin Choy

August 1, 2021

During my week-long trip to California, my family and I spent some time at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa. It was incredibly enjoyable, especially after the year of lockdown and coronavirus restrictions.

The fair took place outside on at the Orange County Event Center, which is just a colossal parking lot.

My siblings and I were excited to be at such a large fair, since we usually went to the 50th State Fair in Hawaii, which is significantly smaller.

The OC Fair had a petting zoo with cows and goats on display as well as farmers explaining their livelihoods to the fair’s city-dwelling guests.

There were also plenty of rides for children and for thrill-seekers, with the Titan ride being a ride that flips you upside-down 180 feet in the air.

My dad forced me to go on the Titan with my sister, Jessalyn. I was terribly scared, as that was the one ride I refused to go on!

The ride was incredibly stressful, flipping my sister and I rapidly and dangling us over the pavement high off the ground.

My sister and I on the Titan ride, dangling our legs.

The fair also had a sketchy log ride with no seatbelts or restraints, having only two slippery poles to try to grasp.

Perhaps the greatest thing at the fair was the food. Anything you could imagine was there at the Orange County Fair.

Traditional fair food like burgers, corn dogs, and funnel cakes were plentiful. However, they also had non-carnival food like honey walnut shrimp, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, fried ravioli, and chicken and rice in pineapples.

All the food you could ever imagine!

They even had stands designated solely to foods containing bacon or cheese!

I bought my brother, Jordan his first-ever carnitas torta and cup of horchata. He absolutely loved it, and I think I’ve successfully converted him to the joys of Mexican food!

A recent convert to the wonders of Mexican food.

The fair was great fun, and if you are ever in Southern California during the summer, I suggest you check it out and have a good time.

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