Personal: A Wedding and a Growing Family

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By Quentin Choy

In my recent post “Personal: Saying Goodbye Never Gets Easier, Some Things Never Change,” I discussed how difficult it is for me to say goodbye to my family. I also discussed how precious my family is and how much they mean to me.

Yesterday, my family grew by two members. My dad married his fiancé, making her my new stepmom!

Her son Alden is my new stepbrother now, and I love him very much. I’m glad that I got to attend their wedding with some of my siblings in California.

I’m grateful to have gained a stepmom and a new brother. I’m now the proud oldest brother of 10 siblings!

Alden and I visiting Disneyland.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and I’m glad to know that my stepmom and dad love each other so much. It makes me happy to see the both of them happy with one another.

Feeling myself in my wedding attire!

I love having a large family, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I’m thankful that my family grew even more, and I have even more people to love.

We’re spending time together in Los Angeles for a week before I fly back to Colorado for school. We’re just hanging around at an Airbnb enjoying time in the pool and playing games as a family.

With nothing to worry about, we have time to just spend together as a family.

Me and two of my brothers spent the day in Downtown Disney outside of Disneyland. We shopped and walked around, just checking out the stores.

We even shared a massive foot-long hot dog!

I’m having fun hanging out with my new family in California, and I know I’ll cherish the memories we will make. I thank God for giving me two new people in my family!

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  1. Congratulations to you all! TEN siblings??? Just remember, Quentin, that at Christmas time it gets very expensive! 😉 Enjoy your week of rest & family fun! Make many wonderful memories!

  2. Many Congratulations on gaining new family and having the maturity to accept them so readily. I think Alden is fortunate in a new older brother. Please forgive me if I may follow some of your political beliefs but am unable to share your religious ones. Keep cherishing those memories you will make in California.

    1. David, thank you for the congratulations! I’m glad to have Alden and my new stepmom in my life. No need to ask for forgiveness over differences in religious views. It just happens with different people believing different things! As I write more, there may also be some political views you disagree with, so be on the lookout as that post will likely be inevitable. Thanks for the comment!


      1. You are most welcome, Quentin, and thank you for the follow. I certainly hope that our work can find complementary uses in both the immediate and the long term.
        Best regards,

      2. Shira,

        That sounds wonderful! After checking out your blog, there are many ideas I have never even heard of before, and am fascinated in reading about them.


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