Return to Pre-COVID Life: Go to the Movies

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By Quentin Choy

July 5, 2021

This post is more personal than some of my others. Today, I went to the movie theatres, and I think it really brought back the feeling of normalcy that so many of us lost before the pandemic started. Even though the movie I watched was weird and subpar to many others (Boss Baby 2: Family Business), it was still enjoyable just to be back in the movie theatres like before.

From the smell of popcorn to the crowded bathroom following the movie credits, it all felt as if the craziness of 2020, 2021, and the pandemic never happened. While COVID-19 restrictions in Hawai’i are still the strictest in the nation, it was genuinely an enjoyable feeling to watch a movie in theatres again.

The last movie I saw in theatres before the pandemic was Disney’s live action Dumbo which sucked pretty badly, but that was the calm before the storm that no one saw coming. Even though I am not a fan of movies, and I don’t enjoy going out to the movie theatres, I think watching a movie was exactly what I needed.

Courtesy of Dreamworks.

For those of you who feel like things haven’t gone completely back to normal in your life, which they likely haven’t, might I recommend you go out with some friends or family and watch a movie in theatres. Buy some popcorn and snacks, and get there early to be able to watch all the previews for upcoming movies just like before.

Just sitting down in the theatre seat and watching the trailers was enough to bring back the “normal” feeling we all lost. So, go and enjoy a movie with those you love, and relive the leisure of simpler times.

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Quentin Choy, creator of <em>WeTheCommoners Blog</em>
Quentin Choy, creator of WeTheCommoners Blog

Quentin is a student of Political Science. He became interested in history and politics in 2015 watching the Republican and Democratic primaries as well as the 2016 General Election.

He is from Hawaii and currently attends school in Colorado.

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