G-7 World Leaders Agree on Global Distribution of 500m Vaccines to Poorest Nations

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By Quentin Choy

June 10, 2021

President Joe Biden spoke to G-7 World leaders to join him and the United States in its effort to share 500 million coronavirus vaccines with poorer, struggling, deindustrialized nations around the world to put an end to COVID-19. This comes on top of his announcement to share 80 million vaccines.

Hoping to end the pandemic as quickly as possible, Biden sought the help of France’s Emmanuel Macron and the United Kingdom’s Boris Johnson as well as other allies.

Macron and Johnson have both agreed to join the U.S. in its efforts. Biden viewed the severity of fighting the pandemic with its allies France and the UK as similar to when they fought against fascism, and he invoked World War II to make this point.

Speaking of the Pfizer vaccine manufacturing centers in Michigan, Biden said that “now a new generation of American men and women, working with today’s latest technology, is going to build a new arsenal to defeat the current enemy of world peace, health and stability: COVID-19.”

The vaccines will be sent in August to the world’s poorest nations such as those in the African Union in an attempt to show that American democracy can still provide to the world, especially in times of need.

Hopefully this massive push by the U.S. to vaccinate the world speeds up the end of the pandemic and makes the world more normal. If China and Russia were to deliver their vaccines to other nations as well, that would still be a good thing in ending the pandemic as soon as possible, even if it poses competition to U.S. efforts.

Geopolitics aside, ending the pandemic is the most important goal of all nations.

Image Courtesy of Deadline.

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