2 thoughts on “73-Year-Old Colorado Woman With Dementia Brutally Arrested

  1. The story is inhumane and hard to believe. This is an example where police play a role of a mental health professional and caretaker, which is ridiculous. But that’s what we have done to the police; we expect them to answer any calls and crises even when they are unneeded. Think about it.
    Quintin, about the police reform, is the far deeper topic, and it’s not an easy one as it is not seen as a social issue but a political issue. The police union is powerful and has wealthy supporters. This is a long, painful road, but we can get there if we unite.
    An activist in any shape and form is influential.

    1. Tatiana, I think it’s important that you bring up how police playing a role in mental health and caretaker impacts both the police and the community. If an officer who is untrained for a task outside of his responsibility such as mental health gets something wrong, it endangers the community and damages the respect and trust of police. It would be easier if these tasks were assigned to mental health professionals or caretakers so that sad events like this would not happen again. I admire what you said about the role activists play in this political issue, and I hope we can see reform soon for the sake of the community and for the police.

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