Democrats Must Sever Their Ties With Celebrity-Obsession

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By Quentin Choy

April 26, 2021

Overall, it seems that Democrats have a fascination with celebrities and the elite. Whether it be movie celebrities, reality TV stars, musicians, or Tiktok and YouTube celebrities, many Democrats are fascinated with them and post quotes from these people on their social media feeds.

While Republicans share somewhat of a similar fascination with celebrity status as seen in the elections of Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, and potentially Caitlyn Jenner as governor of California in a recall election, their fascination is not as widespread and integrated as with the Democrats.

Whether it be the performances from Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez at President Biden’s inauguration or the number of prominent celebrities that voice opinions over social issues such as gay rights, abortion, or race, seemingly talking down to regular Americans, the Democratic Party seemingly reserves a spot for celebrity status.

Lady Gaga and Barack Obama have both become celebrity icons for the Democratic Party, and celebrity-obsession and the Democrats seem to have become closely intertwined. Courtesy of Forbes.

If you’ve logged onto Twitter in the last five years and have seen anything vaguely politically from a celebrity or influencer, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m reminded of the writings of philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau who criticized those in high society and “the vanity and the emptiness of those proud titles that overpower us.” He believes “high society to be a mere masquerade with a vain culture propagated by elite, subordinating imposters, Rousseau asks for people to be delivered from these inferior men who subjugate the masses.”

While it seems that celebrities have begun to be more politically active and vocal on social issues in recent years, they have remained mostly stagnant on their economic views. It’s easy for the elite and wealthy to weigh in on social issues and be a political “influencer” while remaining silent on the economic issues that really could help in people’s daily lives.

Unfortunately, much of the Democratic Party seems to have leaned into this social-issue oriented elitism while neglecting the needs of everyday Americans.

As celebrities play a larger role in “liberal” politics and become more vocal on political issues, Democrats seem more elitist and anti-working class.

While I don’t agree with conservative commentator Tomi Lahren on very much, and actually find her to be pretty stupid, she makes a good point in describing how insufferable events such as the Oscars and Golden Globes can be, saying “I, for one, had and have no desire to watch these Trump-deranged Hollywood Liberals grandstand on their soapboxes with useless and bogus virtue signaling.” Lahren also shows the divide in lifestyle between Hollywood celebrities and the average American, saying about celebrities: “Their biggest hurdle in life is deciding which designer to wear on the red carpet.”

While I myself am indeed Trump-deranged unlike Ms. Lahren, I share the same sentiments in viewing grandstanding and virtue signaling by Hollywood elites as insufferable, even if I share the same beliefs as them on certain issues.

Conservative commentator and FOX Nation host, Tomi Lahren. Courtesy of Politico.

That’s why when award ceremonies like the Oscars or Emmys come on, I can’t stand it. Why should normal Americans be so interested in the awards granted from by elites to elites, socializing in their inner circle? If this isn’t insufferable enough, why should normal Americans consider what these elites have to say about how we should live in terms of social issues?

I don’t need a celebrity to tell me how to live or what to believe. If the Democratic Party is to make inroads into rural America and into the Heartland, they must distance themselves from the elitism and celebrity obsession they have held onto and address the economic needs that these distant celebrities would never dare to discuss.

Image Courtesy of Forbes.

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