Literally Insane Iowa Woman Confesses to Driving Car into Children, Pleads Guilty

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By Quentin Choy

April 22, 2021

Nicole Poole Franklin, a 43 year old woman from Des Moines, Iowa has pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder for intentionally driving her SUV into two children back in 2019.

Franklin’s reasoning? She thought one of the boys was a member of ISIS and that the other boy was Mexican…….

Firstly, I doubt this woman even knows what ISIS stands for, let alone her ability to identify actual ISIS fighters. Secondly, ISIS and Mexican are nowhere near the same! She chose to just drive her car into two children (which sounds like something a terrorist would do) because she thought one of them was Mexican.

So what if one of the kids was Mexican? To this awful woman, being of a certain race as a child warrants getting hit by her car! Imagine how demented of a mind someone needs to have to justify intentionally crashing into children.

I’m not writing this to say that everyone I disagree with politically is like this woman. I’m just genuinely surprised at how evil, blatant, and open some people are in their racism and their willingness to try and kill children. This woman deserves her time in prison, and it would be glorious if her cellmates happened to be Middle Eastern and Mexican.

Image Courtesy of KTIV.

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