Connecticut Joins Growing Number of States With Legal Weed

By Quentin Choy June 22, 2021 Governor Ned Lamont, the governor of Connecticut signed a bill which legalized recreational marijuana usage, adding Connecticut to a growing list of U.S. states

Juneteenth: What It Is and What It Isn’t

By Quentin Choy June 18, 2021 Before I discuss Juneteenth and what it is and isn’t, let me preface by saying that while the creation of the new holiday is

Happy Birthday to My Girlfriend, Audrey!

By Quentin Choy June 14, 2021 Today is my girlfriend Audrey’s birthday, and I’m excited to be able to share her birthday with my blog! Audrey has written a piece

Which Joe Biden Do Conservatives See?

By Quentin Choy June 12, 2021 I’ve spent some time on conservative social media pages and sites just to see what is the latest buzz in the conservative world. Something

Hunter Biden and the Unsurprising Use of the N-Word

By Quentin Choy June 11, 2021 If you’ve been on any conservative social media pages in the last few days, you’d be seeing lots of things regarding Hunter Biden his

Which Political Party is More Competitive Against Itself?

By Quentin Choy May 10, 2021 Yesterday, my girlfriend asked me which political party is more competitive among itself and more willing to pose challengers to people within its party.

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